To understand, explain and improve the world and the human condition

My name is Per Becker and these are my pages. I am a university professor, practitioner and policy-writer, focusing on issues of risk, safety, and sustainability. I have a mixed career between academia and working for local and national authorities and international organizations. I am educated in the social sciences (PhD in Sociology, MRes in Politics, MSc in Development Studies) and engineering (PhD in Engineering, BSc in Engineering), and enjoy working in the intersections between science and practice, between descriptive, explanatory and problem-solving research, and between different scientific disciplines. On these pages you find brief information about my work, interests and aspirations, as well as some hints about who I am aside of my work.

For contact details, more professional information and list of publications, please follow the link below to the Lund University Research Portal.

It is not enough to be safe today. Sustainability entails safety also for tomorrow. Here you find information on my research interests and links to some selected publications that may give you an idea of at least parts of what I have been working on so far. 

Science is not enough. It is through applying knowledge and skills to address real-word problems that we can make a direct difference. Here you find brief information on the practical part of my mixed career, which has evolved from a full-time endeavour to intermittent yet prioritized missions away from the university.

One person has limited possibilities to fix the world, regardless how hard I work. By teaching our brilliant and enthusiastic students, from all over the world, I see myself as contributing to the critical mass of change agents necessary for turning the fate of humanity around. Here you find information on my engagement in teaching and learning. 

All the knowledge, understanding and solutions in the world matter little if they are stuck in ivory towers. They only become meaningful when utilized by people in households, communities, organizations and societies to address real-world problems. Here you find information on my efforts to communicate with these people about what we have learnt so far.