I am a firm believer that scientific outputs have no value in themselves in such an applied field as mine, but are made valuable when instigating, influencing or informing the understanding and praxis of actors addressing issues of risk and sustainability in the real world; be it global policy-makers or private citizens. I have therefore focused a significant part of my career on collaborating and communicating with actors in wider society. This has, however, not only facilitated for my research to have significant actual impact, but also provided me with important insights into the contexts, actors, and problems I am researching.

I work regularly with local and national authorties, the Red Cross/Crescent Movement, UN agencies and other international organizations. I have published or presented popular scientific pieces of my own making and contributed articles in well-known popular scientific magazines. I have also engaged with both Swedish and international mass media, both as the author of debate articles in leading Swedish newspapers and through a range of interviews in leading newspapers, TV and radio. Below you find a small selection of these contributions (click on images).

"Communication works for those who work at it."

John Powell

Small selection of contributions to mass media
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Di Debatt

Redovisning av dödlighet för befolkningen bakom ljuset (26/05/2020)

Image: © Jaime Licona |
San Fransisco Chronicle

As climate warms, fire-ravaged Sweden gets a taste of California (05/08/2018)

DN Debatt

Efterklokhet underminerar förmågan att avvärja terror (01/01/2018)

Image: © Kristina Kokhanova |
P1-morgon, Sveriges Radio

Nya betonglejon på Drottninggatan (22/03/2018)

P1 Forskarliv, Sveriges Radio

Per Becker, riskforskare (11/11/2014)

Voice of America

Food Crisis Threatens Millions in Niger (31/01/2012)


Svaret på frågan om Coronas dödlighet kan dröja – flera år: »Felkällan är stor« (21/01/2021)

P1 Klotet, Sveriges Radio

Sommaren 2010: Vanligt oväder eller tecken på en global uppvärmning? (25/08/2010)